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Theravada and Zen:
From a Chiangmai Cave
to Hong Kong’s Bustling City
Teacher: Zen Master Dae Kwan   

Description: In this course, Zen Master Dae Kwan will connect the thread of her practice from 10 years in the forests of Chiangmai to 31 years in the bustling city of Hong Kong. She will share the many lessons about nature from her Thai Theravada teacher Tan Ajahn Pongsak Tejadhammo and how they connect to Zen Master Seung Sahn’s simple but profound teaching of “the sky is blue; the tree is green.” Nature is always pure and clear. Nature never thinks for itself. Our true nature and the universe’s nature have the same substance. Everything in nature is pointing us to this substance.
Session One: 
Zen Master Dae Kwan will share stories of her Theravada practice in Chiangmai, including her two-year solo retreat in a cave. She will then share how these experiences relate to the teaching of Zen Master Seung Sahn and selected chapters from her book Teachings from Nature.  

Session Two: 
The forest sustains all lives. When we protect the forest, we protect the world. In this session. Zen Master Dae Kwan will share how her Thai teacher revitalized the forests in the Mai Soy District of Chiangmai and how she’s now doing the same in the Luk Wu area of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. 
About the Teacher: Zen Master Dae Kwan, a Zen nun, was born in Hong Kong. She was previously called Hyang Um Sunim, and her Pali name is Suddhamma. In the 1970s she studied sutras for three years at the Kwok Kwong Buddhist College. In 1981, she ordained at Ajahn Chaa's International Forest Monastery in Thailand, and she practiced in Chiangmai for ten years including two years of intensive solo retreat in Tu Boo Cave. In 1995, she received inka from Zen Master Seung Sahn. In April 2001 she received tranmission at Mu Sang Sah in Korea. She is now the abbot and guiding teacher of Su Bong Zen Monastery in Hong Kong. She has translated the following books into Chinese: Dropping Ashes on Buddha, Only Don't Know, and The Whole World Is a Single Flower.

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