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Mind & Body Zen Practices
Teacher: Kathy Park JDPSN 

Description: In these two classes, we will explore the origin and history of bowing and walking meditation in Zen, and seon yu exercises created by Zen Master Seung Sahn for Zen practitioners. While we say that Zen is 'mind sitting, not body sitting', using our physical human form is the path to attain our true nature. Some skillful tips on how to do it can help us have a better experience. 
The first session will explore the history and various forms of bowing and walking meditation. With demonstrations, we will learn the proper form and purpose for bowing as done in the Kwan Um tradition. Walking meditation is an ancient spiritual practice in many traditions, not just Buddhism. We will learn how to use walking meditation as Zen practice.  
The second session will focus on seon yu exercises and their benefits for Zen practitioners. Seon yu consists of a series of movements in which breathing from one's danjeon (tantien Ch., hara Jp.) is central to the movements, and helps us in harmonizing our body and mind experience. With demonstrations, we will do some of the exercises together.  

For both sessions, please come to the sessions with comfortable and loose clothing to try out some bows, as well as a mat for bowing and sitting, and some space so you can stretch out your arms freely. (If you cannot bow, that's fine. You can join the practice by standing or sitting and detailed instructions will be given at the time.)

About the Teacher: Kathy Park JDPSN began practicing Zen in 1999 in Paris and has trained in a number of capacities at Zen centers including Cambridge Zen Center and Providence Zen Center in the U.S., Su Bong Zen Monastery in Hong Kong and at Musangsa in Korea, where she participated in several 90-day kyol che retreats. She received inka (permission to teach) from Zen master Dae Bong at Musangsa in Korea in 2016, and currently teaches at Musangsa, and Seoul and Daejeon Zen groups in Korea. Additionally, she is the coordinator for the International Initative for the Kwan Um School of Zen, bringing online Zen teaching and support to practitioners worldwide.

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