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Milestones in the Zen Tradition:
Ma Tsu, Huang Po, Lin Chi
Teacher: Zen Master Joeng Hye (Andrzej Piotrowski) 

Description: Zen Master Joeng Hye will guide us to explore the life and teachings of Zen masters Ma Tsu, Huang Po and Lin Chi. The wisdom and enlightenment of these three masters is timeless and can inspire and enrich the practice of contemporary students as it did with all past dharma generations. The first session will focus on Ma Tsu, the second on Huang Po and Lin Chi.  

About the Teacher: Zen Master Joeng Hye (Andrzej Piotrowski) had his first contact with Zen practice in the 80′s, when he met and became a student of Zen Master Seung Sahn. He has trained extensively at the Warsaw Zen Center, Wu Bong Sa, the School’s head temple for Poland. After fourteen years of practice he received inka on March 5, 2000 from Zen Master Wu Bong and Dharma Transmission on March 19, 2016 from Zen Master Dae Kwang. He is the Guiding Teacher in Warsaw, Toruń and Gdańsk Zen Centers in Poland, in Lithuania and Slovakia. Joeng Hye SSN works as a manual therapist in the field of physical rehabilitation, including in his practice a holistic view on body and mind relationship. He is well versed in Chinese patriarchal Zen texts, general Buddhist doctrine and interested in interfaith dialogue. Currently he is actively engaged in beginners and dharma teacher training projects on YouTube.

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