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Hwa Om Song Jung:
Dharma Protectors in the Zen Tradition
Teacher: Kathy Park JDPSN

Description: We will explore the role of Dharma Protectors, also known as Hwa Om Song Jung in the Korean Zen tradition. Every Zen Buddhist temple in Korea traditionally has a Hwa Om Song Jung side altar in the main Buddha hall. In these sessions we will find out about their origin, significance and history as they became part of the iconography in the Zen Buddhist tradition, and how they can be supportive for Zen practitioners.

Session 1: July 15 / 7PM Eastern (See this in your time zone)
We will cover the origin, history, significance and role of Hwa Om Song Jung in Korean Zen Buddhism, and how it relates to the modern Zen tradition.

Session 2: July 29 / 7PM Eastern (See this in your time zone)
The focus of this session will be on how Hwa Om Song Jung can be supportive for our Zen practice. We will discuss the function of prayer, chanting and meditation, and how the significance of Hwa Om Song Jung can be beneficial on the path of Zen.

About the Teacher: Kathy Park JDPSN began practicing Zen in 1999 in Paris and has trained in a number of capacities at Kwan Um Zen centers including Cambridge Zen Center and Providence Zen Center in the U.S., Su Bong Zen Monastery in Hong Kong and at Musangsa in Korea, where she participated in several 90-day kyol che retreats. She received inka (permission to teach) from Zen master Dae Bong at Musangsa in Korea in 2016, and is the co-guiding teacher for Zenseoul and Daejeon Zen groups in Korea. She is also a co-guiding teacher and coordinator of Kwan Um Zen Online, bringing online Zen teaching and support to practitioners worldwide.

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