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21-Day Zen Challenge: Spring 2024

Zen means understanding our true nature—what am I? In the midst of the challenges that we face in this world, Zen is a clear path in finding our life's direction, the courage to have an open heart, and with wisdom, take skillful action for the benefit of ourselves and others. Join the 21-Day Zen Challenge and gain the confidence of establishing a meditation practice that benefits you and all those around you.

What you'll get: 

  • Pre-program commitment consultation 
  • Opening & closing livestream events 
  • Group practice and coffee hour with program teachers 
  • Multiple group practice livestreams 
  •  Kong-an interviews 
  • 1:1 consultations with teachers  
  • Daily teaching videos 
  • Daily practice tracking and charts 
  • Group accountability 
  •  An easy-to-use, private online forum to connect with teachers and other practitioners 

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